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Since then the incidence of BSE in UK cattle has declined markedly and is now below the internationally agreed threshold for moderate BSE risk status. The food borne risk to human health is also reduced in line with the reduction in BSE cases. In addition, on 28 September the European Commission's Food and Veterinary Office published a satisfactory report on UKBSE controls. This means that the UK has met the two conditions set by the Commission for beginning discussions with Member States on lifting the export ban.

Subject to a positive outcome to those discussions, we expect the Commission to make a proposal to lift the ban in relation to live cattle born after July 1996 and products derived from them. before the UK ban on feeding mammalian meat and bone meal to all farm livestock was fully enforced will remain permanently excluded from the food and feed chain. From the time that the export ban was applied, it has been UK Government policy to seek its removal for products permitted for sale on our domestic market. If EU legislation to lift the export ban is adopted, we will need to amend our legislation, the Bovines and Bovine Products (Trade) Regulations 1999 and related controls, to bring UK law into "Anadrol 50" line with EU law.

Timetable and Proposed Changes

At this stage we cannot be sure when or whether EU Member States and the Commission will agree to lift the export ban, nonetheless the purpose of this letter is to begin a formal consultation on the amendments to UK export controls which would be needed to allow the export of live cattle born after July 1996 and beef and bovine products derived from them. At the same time, the current Date based Export Scheme ( DBES) for UK beef, and the export approved scheme ( XAP Scheme) for beef of foreign origin, would come to an end. The UK would apply all the provisions of EU law relevant to normal trade between Member States, including the rules to protect the welfare of cattle during transport.

As the UK will have attained the same moderate BSE risk status as other Member States we expect that the Commission will also propose bringing UK controls on SRM into line with those applicable in other Member States. In particular, the Standing Committee for the Food Chain and Animal Health agreed on 5 October a change to EU rules to require the removal of bovine vertebral column ( VC) from animals aged over 24 months at slaughter, rather than at 12 months as has been the requirement to date. Whilst the UK currently has Masteron E 200 a derogation to classify VC as SRM only in animals over 30 months of age, we anticipate that the 24 months limit would apply to the UK should the export ban be lifted. This "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" would mean that the age for VC removal in the "Anaboliset Aineet" UK would change from 30 months to 24 months. This change would, of course, also apply to animals and carcases imported into the UK from other Member States. This letter also "Anaboliset Aineet" opens a formal Masteron Heart Problems consultation on the implementation of this potential change by an amendment to the TSE (Scotland) Regulations.

The application of the 24 month age limit in the UK would ensure the harmonisation of controls across the EU, rather than a response to any perceived increase in the level of risk. Currently the Food Standards Agency ( FSA) requires removal at cutting plants to enable a more Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies robust system of enforcement by the MHS. At present this system affects only a small number of grass reared Beef Assurance Scheme ( BAS) animals that are over thirty months at slaughter, and a larger number of imported animals and carcases slaughtered at over 12 months of age. With the expected introduction of the over thirty months testing regime in early November this system relating to VC removal will be applicable to those over thirty months animals that are allowed into the food chain after testing. those 24 30 months of age, will require VC removal as SRM.

Some 50% of UK cattle are slaughtered before they are aged over 24 months, smaller abattoirs without a linked cutting plant or with only a small cutting plant and butchers will, therefore, have continued unrestricted access to a significant supply of UK cattle. However, the FSA recognise that a requirement to remove VC from 24 30 months animals in cutting plants could have an adverse impact on those who produce extensively reared cattle, particularly from traditional breeds, and on small abattoirs as well as craft butchers. The FSA is therefore exploring whether it should take up the derogation to remove VC from this age group of animals in butchers' shops. As a contribution to this debate the FSA would welcome detailed comments providing the comparative costs and benefits of removal of VC as SRM at cutting plants only or at a combination of butchers' shops and cutting plants. In line with procedures at slaughterhouses and cutting plants, once the SRM is removed, butchers will be required to stain it and arrange for its collection and disposal as a category 1 animal by product.

Harmonisation with other Member States would also involve a number of other changes to UK bovine SRM controls. These are set out in Annex to this letter. Therefore this letter also opens the formal consultation required by law on the implementation of these changes to SRM controls by amendments to the TSE (Scotland) Regulations.

We would also welcome your comments on the potential benefits and drawbacks of the other probable SRM changes set out in the Annex to this letter. In particular your views are sought on the harvesting of head meat and whether removal should be confined to slaughterhouses or the potential derogation to also allow its removal in cutting plants should be applied. At present the FSA is minded to allow removal only in slaughterhouses to avoid the risks associated with transportation of heads containing SRM and the stringent regulation of the process that would necessarily be required.

Also enclosed is a draft Regulatory Impact Assessment ( RIA) which addresses the potential changes described above. With apologies for the short dead line, please provide comments on the "buy cheap jintropin online" expected lifting of the export ban on live bovine and bovine products, on anticipated amended controls on VC and other probable SRM changes, if at all possible by 12 December 2005. Although the consultation period will not end until 3 January 2006 the sooner responses are received the more time we will have to analyse all the points being made.

If you wish to make comments on this proposed change, then please submit them together with the attached permissions form to my colleague at the above address. Your response cannot be made public until the respondee information form is returned to us and we are obligated to write again to those who do not complete it.

As with other consultations, the Executive intends to make comments received available at the end of the consultation period. It is assumed, therefore, that your reply can be made publicly available unless you indicate clearly that you wish part or all of it to be excluded from this arrangement. For those wishing to obtain copies of comments, an administrative charge to cover copying and postage will be made. To enable requests to be dealt with efficiently and to avoid delay for those calling at the Library in person, it would be appreciated if personal callers could given the Library at least 24 hours notice of their requirements (see the attached forms for details).

Beef Exports, BSE Animal Waste Branch


The entire head will no longer be SRM from 6 months of age. The Community Regulations require that head meat be removed in the slaughterhouse. Both slaughterhouses and cutting plants must harvest in accordance with the strict conditions laid down in Annex XI Paras 7 and 10 (c) of the Community TSE Regulation. EC 999/2001 (as amended). Title of proposal

BSE: lifting the export ban and harmonising Specified Risk Material ( SRM) controls applicable in the UK with those in other EU member states.