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´╗┐ARM team up to push Heterogeneous Systems Architecture

AFDS A few months ago, "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" we gave you the low down on AMD's Heterogeneous Systems Architecture, or HSA for short: a development target platform for chips with integrated CPUs and GPUs and shared memory, like AMD's Fusion APUs. In February, when we last spoke to the company about the subject, AMD was hoping to turn HSA into an open, industry wide standard.

Left: AMD Corporate Fellow Phil Rogers. Right: ARM Fellow Jem Davies.

Fast forward to this Dianabol Experience morning, and AMD seems to have gotten its wish. In partnership with ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone AMD has created the HSA Foundation, a non profit organization tasked with the evangelization and development of the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture. Or, in the words of AMD's announcement:

The HSA Foundation is a non profit consortium established to define and promote an open, standards based approach to heterogeneous computing that will provide a common hardware specification and broad support ecosystem to make it "buy cheap jintropin online" easier for software developers to deliver innovative applications that can take greater advantage of today's modern processors.

According to AMD, the HSA Foundation will also be tasked with bringing development tools, libraries, and operating system runtimes to market. It will promote the HSA architecture through developer training and Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes academic programs, as well. Through those activities, AMD hopes "Anadrol 50" to make HSA "the platform of choice Anavar For Weight Loss from smartphones to the cloud."

So far, AMD's contributions to the HSA Foundation include the draft HSA specs, an open source execution stack and compiler, a standard template library, and initial funding. As we noted in February, AMD's roadmap calls for the progressive extension of the HSA standard with new features over the next couple of years.

There's no question that ARM jumping on board "buy cheap jintropin online" is a huge deal. At this morning's keynote, ARM Fellow Jem Davies asserted that HSA is a "natural fit for ARM" because it, like AMD, delivers integrated CPU and graphics architectures. Considering the humongous popularity of ARM based solutions across everything from set top boxes to tablets, ARM's participation has the potential to give the HSA Foundation tremendous momentum.