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absolute silence corrupts absolutely

First, let make one point crystal clear. If upperclassmen football players held underclassmen down and pushed fingers into their rectums, then this goes well beyond the described behavior of lewd hazing.

This is sexual assault and sodomy. Period. Spare us all cushy descriptions for these despicable acts of terror. Attempts to sugarcoat this alleged activity should be saved for an impending court room where once BMOC footballers will sell each other out in order to reduce time behind bars, receive minimum years of community service, and cut back on shame.

According to reports, between five and 10 Sayreville youth were subjected to these attacks over the course of months. Allegations include that some fingers pushed into rectums were then forced into victims mouths. Hey, you were forewarned that this would not be pleasant.

Initial thoughts about this situation included my son and all the other 13, 14, and 15 year old boys that connect to hundreds of families in my life circle.

They are old enough to hear every word about this and to know that parents, teachers, and friends remain available to hear any story about inappropriate behavior they may suffer.

Gov. Chris Christie Thursday broached this subject matter openly and honestly. Christie offered disturbing "Hgh Jintropin Avis" and

think when you send your child to a sporting activity that they going to be engaged in activity that uplifting, that teaches them the right type of lessons. If that what went on in Sayreville, then that not what parents were expecting their children to be exposed to or taught, and it unacceptable.

Our silence contributes to an inability to Anadrol On Empty Stomach stand up against all attacks against any person. This same silence "Oxandrolone Powder India" allowed Sayreville underclassmen to apparently endure inhumane acts against them. citizens would mount a groundswell of support for defenseless chihuahuas, but when young boys get jacked up against a wall then sodomized our mouths close tight because the subject matter delivers discomfort.

While it easy to understand fear, peer pressure, and shame of victims, difficulty mounts about an inability for observers to lack compassion. Apparently, not one Sayreville football squad senior owned the special characteristics of mercy, bravery and decency. The scary Bio Primo Methenolone Enanthate part in all of this remains that young Australia Kamagra Manufacturers men did not stand up.

But then again, this is our new counter culture that basically stands for absolutely nothing. We have all these gadgets and technological play stations but communication fades.

Still, Kamagra 100 there are heroes here, such as Sayreville schools Superintendent Richard Labbe, who shut down the football season in the face of parental uproar.

Also, heartfelt thanks extend to the one boy who had faith in his mother and overcame his personal shame and fear to tell his story.

If true, and I hate using that term, many people will need the help of counselors, psychologists, and friends to override the damage that has been done here.

Sayreville residents own a history of resiliency however their football program is no longer and likely will never be remembered for gridiron success.

It a price that gets paid for silence.

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